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Responsum for Long COVID is a community for people experiencing lasting symptoms or complications from the novel coronavirus

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Why Responsum for Long COVID?

The aftermath of having COVID-19 is not yet fully understood, and living with its complications can be scary. Join our community of COVID-19 long-haulers who trust Responsum Health to provide the latest vetted medical information and a supportive space where you can connect with other patients like you.

Hear it from other patients

Our community is for people with any coronavirus-related complications, including:

Cytokine release syndrome (CRS)
Ongoing respiratory issues
Chronic COVID syndrome (Long or post-acute)
Organ failure (Kidney, liver, lungs, other)
Acute kidney or liver injury
Chronic loss of smell and/or taste
Neurologic and/or mental health problems
Blood clot and/or pulmonary embolism
Cardiac issues and/or heart damage
Chronic fatigue
Muscle and joint pain

Responsum for Long COVID is free and available via web browser or Apple iOS mobile app

Stay informed with your customized Newsfeed

Keep up-to-date on the latest COVID-19 news with your personalized in-app Newsfeed that features content vetted by leading experts in the medical, scientific, and patient advocacy fields.

Build connections and get community support

Connecting with other COVID-19 long-haulers is a great way to share experiences, advice, and encouragement. You can chat with other users and post comments, photos, and videos.

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Easily organize and update your medical information

Use the Patient One-Sheet to store all of your medical information and save time at the doctor’s office. You can print, share, and download this easy-to-use, patient-designed dropdown form.

The tools to manage your health—all in one place

Find exactly what you need

Find relevant related resources on each post in the Community Chat.

Do more with the content you read

Save, share, react, comment and print every article in your Newsfeed.

Keep track of what's important

Store and maintain all your basic health info in your Patient One-Sheet and bring it to your next doctor’s appointment.

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