Community Guidelines

Responsum Health’s mission is to empower people through community, knowledge, and support, and it’s essential that all of our members feel welcome, respected, and safe when using any of our platforms. Within each platform, members can interact on Newsfeed articles, in the Community Chat, and via a direct, or private, messaging system. The following community guidelines are intended to build and maintain a healthy digital environment.

How to use the Community Chat

The Community Chat allows members to create and respond to posts. You are welcome—and encouraged!—to:

  • Share your personal experiences about your chronic condition or disease
  • Ask about other members’ experiences
  • Find support from people who have had similar experiences to you
  • Help other members
  • Offer words of encouragement and support

Depending on the nature of your post, you may receive a reply from a member of the Expert Advisory Council (EAC). We have an EAC for each of our platforms that is made up of individuals and advocacy, education, and healthcare organizations dedicated to your chronic condition or disease. You will know you’ve gotten a response from an EAC member by the badge on their profile.

Responsum Health, including EAC members, cannot legally provide you with medical advice, diagnoses, or similar. When an EAC member responds to your post, their goal is to help you find a way to communicate your questions and concerns with your doctor or care team, in order to get the medical answers you need.

It is also prohibited to provide medical advice or promote any type of treatment to other members. Our community moderators can help you if you’re unsure how to share something without giving medical advice—just send us a note!

What’s encouraged

Be kind, respectful, and supportive.

Our communities have the sole mission to provide support and care for all of our members. We encourage you to always be nice, supportive, and respectful to one another’s points of view, experiences, and issues. We’re all in this together!

Speak up if you see something.

While our team works hard to monitor the platforms, it’s essential that we have your support if you see anything that goes against these guidelines. When we work together, we can make sure to guarantee a safe space for everyone.

Please abstain from responding directly to any posts that violate the guidelines, especially anything that is concerning and/or inflammatory. We advise you to contact us directly to report the issue, and we’ll make sure to take appropriate actions.

Moreover, when you report an issue, your privacy will be fully protected. Your name and personal information will never be revealed.

What’s prohibited

  • Bullying, defamatory remarks, false statements, harassment, personal attacks, and/or prejudiced comments of any kind are strictly prohibited.
  • Members may not post inappropriate, pornographic, or violent content in messages, chats, or on their profiles.
  • Participants should refrain from sending “spam,” or unwanted messages, to other members.
  • Members may not dispense medical advice nor promote any type of treatment to other members.
  • Participants may not use any Responsum Health platform to promote, advertise, or sell any goods or services.
  • Any illegal activity, or discussion involving illegal activity, is prohibited and may be reported by Responsum Health to the appropriate authorities.

Responsum Health has the responsibility and right to remove unauthorized or inappropriate content from the platform and app at its discretion.


We expect Responsum Health community members to report any content or member that violates these community guidelines.

  • To report a community member’s post, click on the icon with three dots in the top right corner of the post. You can then click the “Report/Block” button to report the post.
  • To report or block a community member, click on their profile in the column on the right-hand side of the app while in the Community Chat. From there, click on the icon with three dots next to the “Send Message” button. You can then select the option “Block/Report.”

You can also report something to us by:

What happens when I report a post or community member?

  • When you report a post, it will no longer appear in your app, but other users will still be able to see the post.
  • When you report or block a community member, you will no longer see their posts nor activity in the app, but other users will still be able to see their posts and activity.

Will I know if I’ve been reported?

You will not be alerted until:

  • Your post has been reported three times
  • You have been blocked or reported three times

Once you’ve received three reports or blocks, the Responsum Health team will alert you that your account is under review. After your account has been reviewed, Responsum Health may permanently ban you from the app if deemed necessary.


We will take action when we see someone violating these guidelines. Violation of the guidelines may result in a warning, removal of content, suspension of posting privileges, or expulsion from the Responsum Health community. This decision will be at the sole discretion of Responsum Health.


By signing up for one of our platforms and joining the Responsum Health community, you are considered to be in agreement with the community guidelines.