A Better Way To Approach Clinical Trial Recruitment

We Nurture Patient Empowerment and Activation

Our mission is to empower people, helping them make informed healthcare decisions and providing invaluable support, resources, and community through our powerful, disease-specific apps. Here’s how: 

Engaged + Empowered = Activated

Our patient communities are vibrant hubs, catering to a diverse range of diseases and connecting thousands of engaged individuals who are passionate about taking an active role in their healthcare. 

Guiding Patients Through Their Healthcare Journey

We help patients build vital interpersonal relationships within our communities, enabling them to draw strength and knowledge from one another. Our resources educate patients about their conditions and the treatments available to them, including experimental treatments.

Collaborating with Strategic Partners

We actively seek collaborations with pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, academics, and patient associations to enhance the support we provide our patient communities and accelerate medical research.

Clinical Trial Support

Responsum excels in accelerating clinical trial recruitment. We develop content and materials to help patients better understand the clinical trial process, including potential benefits and risks. We pre-screen and pre-qualify prospective participants, connect them with investigators at the most appropriate clinical trial sites, then follow up with them to ensure they are well informed about what to expect.

patient discussing the different clinical trial recruitment companies with her doctor
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Content Development and Awareness

Responsum develops study-specific content and materials to raise awareness and engagement. This can include creating compelling brochures, flyers, and social media campaigns to ensure that patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals are well-informed about the clinical trial opportunity. 

The content is then distributed through various channels, including the Responsum apps, email campaigns, social media, and patient community events.

Patient Outreach and Proprietary Algorithms

Responsum employs advanced algorithms to match patients with clinical trials that align with their medical conditions, preferences, and locations. This personalized approach increases the likelihood of finding suitable candidates for trials.


Pre-screening and Referral to Clinical Sites 

Responsum administers study-specific pre-screening questionnaires to determine if interested individuals meet key eligibility criteria.  This step ensures that patients are only referred to trials for which they are a fit. Once a person passes pre-screening, they are connected with a suitable clinical trial site. Responsum facilitates the referral by connecting the patient with the site’s contact personnel and assisting with any scheduling needs.

Recruitment Metrics and Reporting

Responsum records data on the recruitment campaign, and reports on patient recruitment progress are generated to keep clients informed. This information is crucial for assessing the success of recruitment efforts and making any necessary adjustments.

Responsum constantly evaluates and improves its patient recruitment processes. Feedback from patients and partners is essential in refining strategies and ensuring that patients have the best possible experience during the recruitment process.

Our Communities

Our communities have thousands of highly engaged and informed members

Join us at Responsum Health, and let’s work together to empower patients and accelerate advancements in healthcare.