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Welcome to Responsum Health

Responsum Health wants to harness the promise of the Internet to better inform and engage patients with chronic conditions. Join us!

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Phone: +1 310 363 0994
Headquarters Office: Washington, DC
Operations Office: Irvine, CA

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Building Patient Knowledge Communities.

One at a time.

We build customized, uniquely individualized knowledge platforms for chronic disease patient communities

Patient Designed

Each platform is developed in collaboration with leading experts on each disease, patient advocates, and caregivers.

Customized Experience

Our members receive a customized stream of information – collected daily from across the Internet and brought directly to patients based on their preferences to provide the best personalized experience.

Trusted Content

By providing trustworthy, expert-vetted newsfeeds for patients in need of useful information, Responsum Health is building strong knowledge communities.

We're on a mission!

At Responsum Health we believe there is a better way to help patients with chronic diseases. A more valuable, less invasive way where patients and caregivers can share their stories, find meaningful support, and reliable information about their journeys.

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What's in it for you?

Developed from years of research, interviews and collaboration with patients from across the globe, Responsum Health’s disease-specific apps are designed to improve patients’ knowledge, grow their self-confidence, and provide for the organization and coordination of their health care information.

Here is how:

The Newsfeed

The Newsfeed delivers a stream of curated  information from across the Internet and brought directly to patients. Our content is reviewed and vetted by leading experts guarantee the  trustworthiness of the information patients receive.

Moderated Social Wall

People need to connect with each other – they can meet and talk on the moderated  social wall. A safe space for members to get to know fellow patients and caregivers by accessing their profiles.

Curated Library Link

In the Responsum platforms you can also find hundreds of professionally vetted links to credible online information (including videos, blogs, science, conferences, and more) concerning disease treatments and lifestyle considerations, incorporated into a user-friendly platform.

Patient Health Info One-Sheet

The “Patient One-Sheet” serves as a single,  printable document that allows patients to store and maintain all their basic information in one place – doctors, insurance info,  medications and their dosages, diagnoses and other key data.

Mobile App

Responding to an increasing demand for easy access and personalization, Responsum Health offers all the features of our web-based platforms in mobile apps available for iOS and Android devices.

Integrated Vetted Resources

Easy access to relevant resources pages with information on emotional, financial, and caregiver support.

Help us revolutionize the way patients use the web

The need to safely harness the power of the internet for patients is universal. Virtually every newly diagnosed person goes online at some point to research their own condition, treatment options, or support resources.

To provide these patients with a better way, Responsum Health is actively looking for new partners—both commercial and patient groups—to develop and mantain knowledge communities in therapeutic areas of unmet need.

Let’s explore your ideas about where we should go next!

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