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Navigating the ocean of information about CKD is not easy, especially when you're trying to figure out the emotional and physical strains of kidney disease. Our app provides tailored advice, community support, and expert insights that are just a click away.

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Expertly vetted kidney disease information about nutrition, research, stages, treatment options and living tips.

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Connect with other with kidney disease who get it. Our community is a safe and moderated space to ask questions and get the support you need.

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Use the Patient One-Sheet to store all of your medical information and save time at the doctor’s office. You can print, share, and download this easy-to-use, patient-designed dropdown form.

Our community is for people with any kidney condition, including:

Chronic kidney disease (CKD)
Polycystic kidney disease (PKD)
Autosomal dominant PKD (ADPKD)
Diabetic nephropathy
Acute kidney injury (AKI)
Kidney stones
IgA Nephropathy (IgAN)
Kidney cancer
Fabry disease
Nephrotic Syndrome
Lupus nephritis

Our expert Advisory Council

Brent Miller, MD

Endowed Professor of Clinical Medicine
Indiana University

David White

Patient Ambassador
American Association of Kidney Patients

Nichole Jefferson

Kidney Health Initiative Patient and Family Partnership Council Member
American Society of Nephrology

Kerri Cavanaugh, MD, MHS

Associate Professor of Medicine
Division of Nephrology and Hypertension
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Kevin John Fowler

Principal The Voice of the Patient, Inc. Board of Directors Member
Kidney Health Initiative

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