Mary Kim Koch

Mary Kim is an award-winning sales and market development professional in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry with extensive experience in both Maternal Health and Women’s Health.  She was product manager and market development manager, working to bring what would have been the first non-hormonal treatment for hot flash to market.

She has helped to launch new treatments for painful sex in post-menopausal women and low libido in pre-menopausal women.  Throughout her career, Mary Kim had partnered with the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) and The Red Hot Mamas®.  She also traveled around the country attending company-sponsored regional focus groups to gain insights on the effects of menopause on women.  She herself is a post-menopausal woman with an interesting story about her journey through menopause.  Her personal mission statement is to positively impact the lives of others, if only for a moment, but hopefully a lifetime.  That is what she hopes to do here.