Best Gift Ideas for People with Lung Conditions

Best Gift Ideas for People with Lung Conditions

With the holidays being so close, many people are frantically searching for the best gifts for friends and family members. I know that I myself have looked for hours on the internet for that best gift to give some of the most cherished people in my life. I can understand the frustration of not really knowing what to get someone. Add that complexity of finding the “best gift” to looking for someone who has a lung condition. It can turn shopping into a real headache. I have taken some time over the last week to compile a list of gift ideas for people with lung conditions to help those of you still on the hunt have a successful shopping trip. Let’s start with FREE!

Gift #1 – Your Time. Quality time with the ones that people with lung conditions love is my number one suggestion for a gift that means the most. Whether it’s coming by to sit and chat, watching a movie together, or bringing the grandkids by for a visit, spending time with loved ones is what I call “good medicine.”

Gift #2 – A Helping Hand. Doing normal tasks can be increasingly difficult for people who have a chronic lung condition. Jobs like cleaning the house, grocery shopping, and cooking take a lot of energy to accomplish. Offer to help with one (or more) of these tasks so that the holidays can be more enjoyable. Take the stress out of hosting family members coming to town by offering to help clean, shop for visitors, or even wrap gifts.

Gift #3 – Communication. A phone call, text, or email is a great way to receive love and care from family members of people with lung conditions. It can truly make a day or even a week to hear from a loved one and know you are being thought of. Communication is so easy (and cheap). Why not make someone’s day with a quick note?

If you definitely want to purchase something, let’s get into some gifts to PURCHASE.

(Full disclosure: I have linked all of these ideas to Amazon. I did this mostly because I practically buy all my gifts from there and because it is super easy to link products. I am an Amazon affiliate and can earn from purchases. However, in the last year, it has only earned me about 50 bucks, so I’m definitely not earning an income from it. Don’t feel pressured to buy.)

I took some time in the support groups that I am a part of on Facebook and read through the suggestions made by people who actually have a lung condition. Here are their top suggestions of great gifts they have received.

A Cozy Robe – Not only are robes warm but if you read my bathing tips blog, you know that they are wonderful for drying you off passively. Bathing causes breathlessness for many people with lung conditions. It’s wonderful to get out of the shower and just wrap up in a nice robe and sit to dry off.


Fisherman’s Friend Cough Suppressant Lozenges – Many people with lung conditions have a chronic cough. These cough lozenges have been suggested over and over again in various support groups to help suppress a nagging dry cough. If you are looking for a stocking stuffer, this could be a great option.

Fisherman's Friend

A Grabber – When I ask my patients what causes them to be breathless, they often mention bending over. A grabber can extend a person’s reach and is a great way for them to pick things up without bending over.


Comfortable Slippers – You can’t go wrong with a good pair of comfortable slippers. Whether they are used in the home or the hospital, a nice pair of slippers is a welcomed gift for anyone with a chronic lung condition. Make sure you purchase a pair that has a rubber bottom to prevent slipping and can be used indoors or out for quick trips to the mailbox, etc.


Handheld Fan – Many of my patients tell me that when they get out of breath that they stand in front of a fan and it eases their breathlessness. This can be a relatively inexpensive gift that can really help out from time to time.

Wireless Earbuds – I often use wireless earbuds to listen to music or audible books through my phone. I love being able to “tune out” from time to time. I had a family member gift this to a patient because they were having trouble hearing the television over their oxygen concentrator. They were able to connect the earbuds to the patient’s television to be able to hear their programs without difficulty (or blasting the volume throughout the house). Be careful that you don’t get the kind that loops over the ear. If a person with a lung condition is already wearing oxygen, glasses, etc. then adding another “over-ear” device will be cumbersome.

Adult Coloring Books and Gel PensAdult coloring books can not only be a way to reduce stress and provide relaxation but can also produce beautifully colored images. I hear the best way to fill them in is with gel pens that can get into the small spaces, yet give you vibrant color.

Coloring book

Pulse Oximeter – If a person is on oxygen, I highly recommend them having a pulse oximeter in order to monitor their oxygen saturation. (In fact, I wrote a whole blog just on pulse oximeters alone!) It absolutely blows my mind how this technology has evolved just in the last 15 years. They used to cost about $200 to own and now can be purchased for about $20! From what I can see, the home models are just about as accurate as hospital-grade models. Pulse oximeters are wonderful to have when a person with a lung condition is working out as well.

Roomba – If you want to go for the gold (so to speak), a Roomba is a total “wow” gift. What can be better than a vacuum that you can set to automatically clean your floors? Vacuuming is extremely difficult for many lung patients to accomplish. The push and pull of the vacuum are tiring not to mention the dust and allergy triggers they can be exposed to. If your pockets are deeper this holiday, a Roomba is a fabulous gift.


Subscription to Audible – I really wish I had more time to read. Besides working and blogging, being a mom and transporting kids from one activity to the next takes up the majority of my time. I love how I can listen to books while driving around town or hanging out at a practice or lesson. People with lung conditions find this subscription a wonderful luxury to have, and can be used at doctor’s visits, treatments, or just to pass time. You can also download books to listen to from your local library; however, if you are searching to gift a subscription service, Audible might be a good option.

Photobook / Scrapbook – If you are interested in getting crafty or creating a gift, a photo book or scrapbook is an incredibly thoughtful gift. Fill it with memories and photos of loved ones. A cool idea is to include a space for a “future memory” that you have planned with the person that you are giving it to. Sites like Shutterfly allow you to upload pictures directly from your phone to make your photobook with ease.


Portable Mini Cycle – Other than hand weights, portable minibikes are a fairly inexpensive option for in-home indoor exercising. These small bikes can be put in front of a chair to exercise the legs or put on top of a sturdy table to strengthen the arms. Another bonus is that they are easily stowed away when not in use.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!