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Responsum Health is harnessing the promise of the Internet to better inform and engage patients with chronic conditions. Join us!

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Welcome to Responsum for Pulmonary Fibrosis

A trusted home and resource for the PF community

Join our fast-growing community to stay connected, engaged, and informed

In partnership with the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation,
Responsum for PF is the #1 source of information for pulmonary fibrosis patients

Expertly vetted content

Our partnership with the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation (PFF) provides our users with the confidence that the content they read has been selected and vetted by some of the leading medical minds in the field. Personal essays and experiences are neither reviewed nor vetted by the PFF.

Free to patients and caregivers

Responsum for PF is—and always will be—available free of charge for pulmonary fibrosis patients and their caregivers. Our users’ personal data will never be shared with anyone, and our content will always be scientifically sound, medically appropriate, and devoid of commercial bias.

"Nice to feel that I can trust what I read"
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Learn how Responsum for PF can empower you as a patient

What patients and caregivers are saying about Responsum for PF

“My favorite part of the platform is the Patient One-Sheet. This unique, exclusive to Responsum tool allows me to track my symptoms and medications in one simple form that I take with me to every doctor’s visit. I can also share it with my caregiver and family members so they are up to speed on my condition. (And, I’m glad that Responsum adopted a form I recommended.)”

“Responsum is helping me to be healthier! Recently, I read an article in my Newsfeed that prompted me to ask my doctor to check my vitamin D level. My doctor ordered the test and sure enough, my vitamin D level was low.”

“Responsum is what the PF community needs! For years, PF patients and their caregivers have been scouring the internet for information about pulmonary fibrosis. It’s not always obvious what is and is not a trusted resource. Because of the ingenuity of those at Responsum—teaming up with the PFF—they are able to provide vetted information.”

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