Press Release — Responsum for Long COVID App Launch

Responsum Health Launches Groundbreaking App to Support COVID-19 Long-Haulers 
New technology to help those dealing with long-term effects of novel coronavirus

​[WASHINGTON, D.C., Apr. 8, 2021] — Today, Responsum Health (Responsum), an innovative developer of personalized patient apps and chronic disease knowledge communities, announced the launch of a new platform and mobile app to support people experiencing lasting symptoms or complications from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The platform, called Responsum for Long COVID, can be accessed for free via web browser or Apple iOS mobile app.

Researchers estimate that roughly 10% of those who have contracted COVID-19 experience long-term side effects as a result. Commonly referred to as COVID-19 “long haulers,” these individuals continue to have symptoms or complications that can last for weeks or months. Made up of both those who had mild and severe cases of the virus and people of all ages and pre-existing health statuses, the COVID-19 long haulers are a diverse group searching for answers, explanations, and information.

Responsum for Long COVID is a supportive online community for these people experiencing long-term symptoms or complications. This innovative platform provides the latest vetted medical information and offers users a toolkit of useful, community-oriented features to navigate the aftermath of having COVID-19.

Each user will have a personalized Newsfeed designed to meet the needs of the user, which delivers easy-to-read summaries of important news and information about COVID-19 and its long-term effects from across the internet every day. All Responsum for Long COVID content is written by professional health writers and vetted by a team of reviewers under the guidance of an Expert Advisory Council. 

Other features include the Community Chat, a moderated social wall where users can share experiences and advice; automatic translation into seven languages; and the Patient One-Sheet, which allows patients to easily collect, maintain, and print critical medical information in a secure format. Members will also have access to a robust collection of trusted patient resources, including financial assistance programs and COVID-19 support groups.

 “Our goal is to ensure that every person struggling with long-term COVID-19 symptoms has access to the most accurate information available so that they can make informed decisions about their treatment and their life choices,” said Founder and CEO of Responsum Health Andrew Rosenberg. “Responsum for Long COVID minimizes the risk that the information patients find online is outdated, inaccurate, or misleading and serves as a safe online community where people can share their experiences, advice, and support.”

About Responsum Health

Responsum Health’s mission is to build and support online knowledge communities for chronic disease patients. The company offers a free, revolutionary patient engagement platform that monitors, searches, and curates the internet to generate a personalized Newsfeed of article summaries, which are vetted by Responsum’s patient group partners. Each comprehensive platform enables patients to comment on and rate articles, as well as share them with their professional care team and loved ones. Responsum also helps patients to better organize their health information, find local patient support groups and services, and support one another through a moderated, disease-specific social wall.


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