Press Release — Responsum Health to Support Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials

Responsum Health to Support Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials

New initiative to raise clinical trial awareness and help connect patients with trial doctors

​[WASHINGTON, D.C., Aug. 25, 2022] — Today, Responsum Health (Responsum), a leading developer of innovative patient engagement platforms, announced an exciting initiative to raise clinical trial awareness and support patient recruitment for patients with chronic cough and retinitis pigmentosa.

Responsum Health will provide clinical trial information and will identify, engage, and pre-screen potential participants for two Phase 2 clinical trials sponsored by Aldeyra Therapeutics. The first clinical trial is testing ADX-629 in patients with chronic cough and the second is testing ADX-2191 in patients with retinitis pigmentosa.

Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) is an inherited retinal disease that leads to a progressive degeneration of photoreceptors. Chronic cough is a persistent cough that lasts 8 weeks or longer. Chronic cough has been associated with autoimmune disease and neurogenic inflammation, or localized inflammation in the central and peripheral nervous systems. Early studies suggest that reactive aldehyde species (RASP), which are reactive molecules that disrupt cell function and lead to inflammation, may be elevated in patients with chronic cough. 

Responsum plans to start by engaging its 22,000+ community of patients that have already joined the Responsum communities, many of whom suffer from chronic diseases. 

“We are looking forward to collaborating with Aldeyra to help recruit patients for these important Phase 2 clinical trials,” said Responsum Health Founder and CEO Andrew Rosenberg. “Trial recruitment is an area of growing expertise and accomplishment for Responsum, and it represents an exciting new avenue for growth for our company.”

About Responsum Health

Responsum (Latin for “the answer”) is a disruptive and innovative healthcare startup company whose mission is to build and support online knowledge communities of and for people living with chronic conditions who seek ways to live their best lives. 

Responsum Health provides free, condition-specific patient engagement platforms and apps that monitor, search, and curate news articles, blog posts, and scientific papers from the Internet, then generate personalized Newsfeeds of article summaries vetted by partner patient groups and subject matter experts. 

Responsum platforms also enable patients to organize their personal health data, find local patient support groups and services, participate in clinical trials, and share their experiences with each other through a moderated community chat.

Today, thousands of patients and caregivers rely on Responsum Health for their daily dose of news and education in areas as diverse as Long COVID, pulmonary fibrosis, chronic kidney disease, uterine fibroids, glaucoma, and menopause.

About Aldeyra Therapeutics

Aldeyra Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biotechnology company devoted to developing innovative medicines to improve the lives of patients with immune-mediated diseases. Their approach is to create therapies that modulate immunological systems, instead of directly inhibiting or activating single protein targets, with the goal of optimizing multiple pathways at once while minimizing toxicity. 

Aldeyra is the leader in the discovery and development of novel reactive aldehydes species (RASP) modulators as well as other candidates for retinal diseases. 


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