Welcome to Responsum for CKD

Welcome to Responsum for CKD

Welcome to Responsum for CKD

Ready or not, here we come! On behalf of everyone at Responsum Health, I am proud to announce the official launch of Responsum for CKD—a one-stop-shop for personalized patient information and resources for the kidney disease community. 

Through the Responsum for CKD app, patients, families, caregivers, and healthcare professionals will now have access to both a wealth of curated knowledge on kidney disease and a built-in support system. The new platform eliminates the overwhelming nature of the internet’s vastness and provides users with a set of unique informational and community-oriented features, like the customized Newsfeed, which generates easily digestible summaries of important news about kidney health.

Responsum for CKD represents the second of our innovative and personalized patient apps and includes a number of new and updated features. These include the ability to experience Responsum’s content in seven different languages and the CKD Community Chat, a dynamic social wall that allows users to share stories and experiences and serve as a source of advice and inspiration for one another. The Chat also includes an automatic suggestion function to direct patients to helpful related articles and resources from our vast content library. 

We can’t forget about the Patient One-Sheet feature, either, which allows patients to easily collect, download, print, and share key medical information for their next doctor’s visits. And no matter what your preferred device is, Responsum for CKD is accessible to you, either via the free web-based platform or mobile app for iOS and Android.

Responsum for CKD is made possible by our collaboration with Otsuka Pharmaceutical, a global healthcare company. We’re incredibly grateful that Otsuka supports our mission to educate, empower, and support patients by providing them with trustworthy, independently-vetted information. 

The goal of our unique approach is to provide patients with the information they need to drive better outcomes. By working with recognized leaders from the patient advocacy community, we are able to provide a trusted platform that fills a vital information gap—while simultaneously creating an authentic, welcoming online community for people with chronic kidney disease.

Thank you for coming on this amazing journey with us!

Andy Rosenberg
Founder and CEO, Responsum Health

For more information, head to our press release.

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