Clinical Trial Recruitment

Insufficient participant enrollment is the primary cause of clinical trial termination. For researchers, partnering with a clinical trial recruitment (CTR) company can mean the difference between a study either getting off the ground or dissolving into a waste of money, time, and a host of other resources, in addition to the loss of knowledge, potential treatments, and improvements in health equity and outcomes.

How clinical trial recruitment companies can help

CTR professionals have the research, marketing, social media, graphic design, and public relations skills necessary to effectively craft and disseminate various forms of health messaging, along with an understanding of the social and psychological principles that guide health behaviors. 

Companies that specialize in CTR can perform and coordinate the myriad outreach functions necessary for successful participant recruitment and, in some cases, retention. These are some standard services that CTR companies perform.


  • Individualized needs assessment to plan and construct a recruitment campaign for your study’s target population, randomization, organization, and continuity framework.
  • Design and create customized pre-screening surveys, brochures, email campaigns, social media and blog posts, landing pages, and other literature for IRB approval.
  • Promote the trial through multiple channels and platforms, reaching out to patients, and speaking to their concerns. 
  • Perform pre-screening activities involving online form collection, phone calls, documentation, follow-up, and referral.
  • Engaging in site follow-up and other tasks according to each client’s—and each trial’s—unique needs, goals, parameters, and specifications.


For any given trial, reaching, screening, and referring eligible participants requires flexibility, and the ability to manage many moving parts. 

CTR to suit your needs

As is to be expected, not all clinical trial recruitment companies are the same. Some primarily employ technology while others focus on human connection; some work globally and others regionally; some focus solely on initial recruitment optimization while others offer additional services like trial design evaluation, site follow-up, project management, and participant retention campaigns. Here are just a few examples of organizations working in this field.


Responsum Health – uses its expertise as a patient-centric digital health media company and patient community platform to offer CTR services with a human touch. The company focuses on generating robust initial participant recruitment through customized, multi-channel and multimedia campaigns.


ClinicalConnection – runs a free PatientEdge™ Study Participant Database that notifies patients of new clinical trials internationally. It provides a study search feature for patients, digital ads for sponsors, and study website and landing page development. 


Biorasi – specializes in patient recruitment, decentralized clinical trials, COVID-19 trials, and trial optimization. Its health focus areas include: rare diseases, neurology, nephrology, oncology, regenerative medicine, dermatology and digital therapeutics. 


Curavit Clinical Research – provides study sponsors with a digital site solution for conducting decentralized (virtual) trials. The company also offers trial design, recruitment assistance, and trial management involving remote monitoring.


PatientEvolution – is technology-focused, and uses proprietary programs such as PatientCircuit, PatientVisibility, PatientBlast, and PatientDial to help recruit qualified participants. The company also creates materials to help the clinical team educate patients about study expectations.


Acurian – offers (a) enrollment alone; (b) enrollment and site services; and (c) enrollment, site services, and core contract research organization (CRO) services such as trial planning, site selection, clinical monitoring, data management, and medical writing. Some of its health focus areas include dermatology, endocrinology, and urology.


Trialfacts – based in Melbourne, Australia, provides study protocol and target participant analyses in order to determine how many patients can be recruited for a given trial, as well as providing recruitment assistance.

Find the clinical trial recruitment company that best suits your needs and goals.

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