Welcome to Responsum for Menopause!

Welcome to Responsum for Menopause!

Welcome to Responsum for Menopause!

Today marks the official launch of Responsum for Menopause! We’re pleased and excited to deliver this new platform and knowledge community geared toward educating, supporting, and empowering women in various stages of the menopause journey.

While nearly all women will go through menopause in some phase of their lives, its symptoms and effects are often underrecognized and undertreated. Responsum for Menopause is delivering on an unmet need to help women better understand, embrace, and navigate menopause throughout its different phases in order to maximize their health, comfort, and quality of life.

Responsum for Menopause was developed in partnership with the Academy for Continued Healthcare Learning (ACHL), as well as an expert advisory council comprised of women who have experienced menopause and leaders from the menopause medical and advocacy communities. It provides a digital home for a community of members that features education resources and content applicable to all women experiencing symptoms.

You can easily access Responsum for Menopause from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

The platform and its mobile app primarily focus on delivering summarized, understandable content that increases women’s awareness of menopause symptoms and their confidence to speak with their healthcare providers and seek treatment when needed. It serves as a comprehensive resource and informational support tool for those experiencing menopausal symptoms.

In addition to educating, supporting, empowering members, Responsum for Menopause will provide ACHL with granular insights gathered on user behavior to improve patient engagement and experience. Through quarterly surveys, including initial benchmarking, Responsum will work with ACHL to measure the impact of its content and community support on members’ self-reported knowledge level, willingness to engage healthcare providers, and mental health (among others). These insights will support identifying areas for future healthcare provider education, ensuring members’ perspectives and challenges are considered.

We sincerely hope and believe that Responsum for Menopause represents a new frontier in the empowerment and support of the menopause community and look forward to helping guide women in different various stages of the menopause journey. Download the app today!

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