2023 End-of-Year Roundup

2023 End-of-Year Roundup

2023 End-of-Year Roundup

The year 2023 has been an exciting one for us here at Responsum Health! Since 2019, we’ve been empowering people living with various health conditions in multiple ways: 

  • We curate and summarize expert advice and scientific data to help patients learn about their health conditions so that they can confidently advocate for themselves and become more active partners in their own care.
  • We provide a safe, secure peer support platform for patients to share their questions, challenges, tips, and triumphs.
  • We use a personal touch to connect patients with active clinical trials through which they can potentially receive experimental treatments at no cost, help advance research to benefit themselves and others, and receive stipends for participation, depending on the individual trial.

This past year we’ve focused on improving our products and services; engaging new members and readers; and securing new partners with whom to share resources, collaborate on content creation, and expand the mutual reach of our organizations to help educate and empower as many patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and other stakeholders as possible. Here are some highlights from 2023.

New Developments on Our Digital Health Apps

This year we reached 30,000 members across all our digital communities, and more than 2.5 million people across multiple media channels. Our members continue to report increased confidence levels in several areas after using our apps for a minimum of 3 weeks!

We also launched our first webinar for our Responsum for CKD community members, featuring the expertise of Lauren Budd Levy, MS, RDN, CSR, a renal dietitian and Director of Cukebook, a patient-centric organization focused on providing recipes, guides, and nutritional tools for people living with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Cukebook has also partnered with us to share much-needed information through various media, regarding diet and nutrition for people living with different stages of the disease.

In addition to Cukebook, Responsum has also partnered with The Society for Women’s Health Research and Let’s Talk Menopause, to exponentially raise menopause awareness. We continue to seek out and strengthen relationships with for- and non-profit groups who share our mission to improve health equity and outcomes for all.

Achievements in Clinical Trial Recruitment

This year, we collaborated on two studies–regarding nephrotic syndrome and atopic dermatitis–  with our long-time partner, Aldeyra Therapeutics.

We recruit through our robust patient communities, as well as through organic reach and targeted advertising.

“I am consistently impressed by how well-informed and engaged Responsum’s patient communities are,” said Adrienne Gaggi, Clinical Trial Program Director. “It’s refreshing to see a company that truly prioritizes patient education and empowerment.”

“Their dedication to increasing clinical trial awareness should be a shining example,” she continued, “and I hope to see other companies following their lead. I won’t be surprised if they are actually the first company that transforms the way that patients find and sign up for clinical trials. Keep up the great work, Responsum Health!”

We’ve also contracted to partner with EyeCool Therapeutics on a groundbreaking pilot study to investigate a new drug for patients with severe chronic eye pain. 

Heartwarming Thanks from Our Community Members

Nothing is quite so gratifying as when our members share with us how, and how much, the content and community support in our various apps has helped them. Here are some of the sentiments they’ve shared with us over the course of this year:

“Can I just say a huge thank you to Responsum and all the mods and people behind it as we never really tell you how grateful we are for you and this app. I really would be in such a worse place if not for you. Thank you all 👏👏👏—Responsum for Long Covid member.

“I love this communtiy! I am beginning my journey with a nephrologist and between the two of you I feel more confident in my management selections.”—Responsum for CKD member.

“Another app in the UK for Long Covid has closed. This seems to be an ongoing scenario. So this is just a major thank you to this app as I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for people here.”—Responsum for Long Covid member.

“Early in my journey I didn’t know anyone my age who had glaucoma. I found some online resources and realized how much it helped to communicate with other glaucoma patients, share stories and offer/receive support. Every time I’ve experienced side effects of my treatment – which has been often through the years – it’s helped me to reach out to others and share what I’m experiencing. Last year the glaucoma forum on Responsum was recommended to me as a way to educate myself and connect with other patients. I signed up and have appreciated what the app can offer, including helpful articles from credible sources, and engaging with other patients to offer and receive support. I appreciate everyone who dedicates their time to educating and supporting patients, including those who create content and engage with Responsum.”—The Glaucoma Community member.

We thank all of our clients, partners, and community members for making our work possible, and always helping us to get even better. Here’s to another year of patient empowerment!

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