Press Release—Responsum Health Joins Forces with Let’s Talk Menopause to Share Resources and Raise Awareness Among Menopausal Women for Better Health Outcomes

Responsum Health Joins Forces with Let’s Talk Menopause to Share Resources and Raise Awareness Among Menopausal Women for Better Health Outcomes

A leading menopause advocacy and public education organization partners with Responsum Health to increase the impact of women’s menopause education and empowerment.

[WASHINGTON, D.C., May 24, 2023] —Today, Responsum Health (Responsum), an innovative developer of personalized health knowledge apps and digital patient communities announced a new partnership with Let’s Talk Menopause, a national nonprofit organization whose mission it is to change the conversation around menopause so that women get the information they need and the healthcare they deserve.

As Responsum does through its Responsum for Menopause app-based knowledge and support community of nearly 2,000 members, Let’s Talk Menopause (LTM) seeks to connect and empower women who are navigating their menopausal transitions, provide opportunities for advocacy, and raise awareness of perimenopausal and postmenopausal challenges and women’s health issues overall. LTM educates and advocates through its website, its popular Hello Menopause podcast, online menopause talks, and periodic newsletter.

The new partnership will enable both Responsum and LTM to share and exponentially expand the reach of their educational and support resources, and increase healthier outcomes for thousands more women seeking answers and relief while on their menopause journeys.

We’re thrilled to add Let’s Talk Menopause to our specialized group of incredible patient education and advocacy partners, said Andrew Rosenberg, Founder and CEO of Responsum Health. When it comes to destigmatizing menopause, and changing the conversation around this natural life phase, Let’s Talk Menopause is an impassioned and impactful ally. We are elated to be working with them.

“Through this strategic partnership, we are proud to offer an array of tailored resources designed to empower women in effectively managing the physical and emotional aspects of menopause,” said Donna Klassen, Founder of Let’s Talk Menopause. “This collaboration represents a remarkable stride in our unwavering dedication to advancing menopause care and fostering the holistic well-being of women.”

About Responsum Health

Responsum (Latin for “the answer”)  is an innovative healthcare startup company whose mission is to build and support online knowledge communities of and for people living with chronic conditions who seek ways to live their best lives.

Responsum Health provides free, condition-specific patient engagement platforms and apps that monitor, search, and curate news articles, blog posts, and scientific papers from the Internet, then generate personalized Newsfeeds of article summaries vetted by partner patient groups and subject matter experts.

Responsum platforms also enable patients to organize their personal health data, find local patient support groups and services, participate in clinical trials, and share their experiences with each other through a moderated community chat.

Today, thousands of patients and caregivers rely on Responsum Health for their daily dose of news and education in areas as diverse as Long COVID, pulmonary fibrosis, chronic kidney disease, uterine fibroids, glaucoma, and menopause.

About Let’s Talk Menopause

Let’s Talk Menopause is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization invested in changing the conversation around menopause so women get the information they need and the healthcare they deserve. Founded in 2020, Let’s Talk Menopause empowers women to navigate all stages of menopause, advocates for the medical community to invest in caring for women through this journey, educates the public about menopause and connects women to find community and support each other throughout this menopause transition and beyond. Let’s Talk Menopause is advised by a diverse group of board-certified clinicians and other community leaders, with science and experience at the forefront of everything they do.


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