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Derek has been a Type 1 diabetic since age 10 and an ESRD patient since 1999 utilizing various treatment modalities including transplantation, peritoneal dialysis and in-center hemodialysis. Both his Mother and Grandfather were type 2 diabetic and experienced kidney failure as well.

He Is the Chair of the National Forum of ESRD Networks, Kidney Patient Advisory Council, (KPAC), and Member on the Forum Board of Directors. He is the Chair of HSAG ESRD Network #17’s Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) and also chairs the Network #17 Board of Directors. He serves as Chair of the National Kidney Foundation’s (NKF) Kidney Advocacy Committee (KAC) and Chairs the NKF Public Policy Committee. He also is a member of the Kidney Health Initiative (KHI) Patient and Family Partner Council.  He is an active member on the Making Dialysis Safer for Patients Coalition working with the CDC. He co-lead the Fluid Management Innovation project with the Kidney Health Initiative and also co-lead the Goal Directed Dialysis “My Dialysis Care Plan” Project with the University of North Carolina Kidney Center.

Derek the first recipient of the National Kidney Foundation’s Celeste Castillo Lee Patient Engagement Award and was presented with the CMS QIIG Results Coin in 2018.

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