Press Release — Responsum Health and Solve M.E. Announce New Partnership

Responsum Health and Solve M.E. Announce New Partnership

Collaborative effort to drive awareness of long-haul, post-infectious diseases such as Long COVID

​[WASHINGTON, D.C., Apr. 14, 2022]Today, Responsum Health (Responsum), an innovative developer of free, personalized patient apps and chronic disease knowledge communities, announced a new partnership with Solve M.E., a non-profit organization that serves as a catalyst for critical research into diagnostics, treatments, and cures for myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), Long COVID, and other post-infection diseases

The goal of this joint effort between Responsum Health and Solve M.E. is to continuously improve available education and support for those impacted by Long COVID, and to encourage more patient input in the search for more effective diagnostics, treatment, and care. Through the Responsum for Long COVID app, professionally vetted information on Long COVID will be distributed to the Long COVID community, including participants in Solve M.E.’s You + ME Registry who download the app

Long COVID, also called COVID-19 long-hauler syndrome, refers to the collective, wide range of new, returning, or lingering symptoms that wreak havoc on the bodies and lives of an estimated 10% to 30% of  COVID-19 survivors. Persistent fatigue, brain fog, and post-exertional malaise are just a few of more than 200 symptoms documented by Long COVID patients that can dramatically affect even basic daily functioning. 

In raising public awareness, and providing education and community for Long COVID patients, Responsum Health supports Solve M.E.’s You + ME Registry, its Solve Long Covid Initiative, and its mission to create breakthroughs for chronic, post-infectious diseases. The physical, financial, and psychological impacts of Long COVID have been immense, and health experts anticipate that the crisis will continue to escalate. For this reason, increased support for Long COVID research is necessary to better understand, diagnose, and treat the condition, and ultimately find a cure. 

“We’re excited to be partnering with Solve M.E.’s outstanding Long COVID patient registry,” stated Founder and CEO of Responsum Health, Andrew Rosenberg. “The idea of pairing Responsum’s ability to convene and engage people with chronic conditions alongside patient registries like Solve M.E.’s is potentially game-changing for research. We’ll be learning a lot from this collaboration.”

About Responsum Health

Responsum (Latin for “the answer”) is a disruptive and innovative healthcare startup company whose mission is to build and support online knowledge communities of and for people living with chronic conditions who seek ways to live their best lives.

Responsum Health provides free, condition-specific patient engagement platforms and apps that monitor, search, and curate news articles, blog posts, and scientific papers from the Internet, then generate personalized Newsfeeds of article summaries vetted by partner patient groups and subject matter experts. 

Responsum platforms also enable patients to organize their personal health data, find local patient support groups and services, and share their experiences with each other through a moderated community chat.

Today, thousands of patients and caregivers rely on Responsum Health for their daily dose of news and education in areas as diverse as long COVID, pulmonary fibrosis, chronic kidney disease, uterine fibroids, glaucoma, and menopause.

About Solve M.E.

Through its research work with the scientific, medical, and pharmaceutical communities, advocacy with government agencies and legislators, and partnerships with patient groups, Solve M.E.’s mission is to lay a foundation for breakthroughs that will make long-haul, post-infectious diseases such as Long COVID and ME/CFS more widely understood, diagnosable, and treatable. 


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