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Responsum Health is harnessing the promise of the Internet to better inform and engage patients with chronic conditions. Join us!

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Phone: +1 (949) 264 2277
Headquarters Office: Washington, DC
Operations Office: Irvine, CA

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Whether you’re a patient, family member, caregiver, or healthcare professional, Responsum for CKD is designed to support you. Our mission is to provide you with trustworthy, comprehensive, and extensively vetted resources about kidney disease to help you make informed health and lifestyle decisions.

We developed this innovative digital education platform and mobile app in collaboration with hundreds of patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and other chronic conditions, in addition to the guidance of a Content Advisory Council, made up of medical professionals and thought leaders in patient advocacy.

Built upon Responsum Health’s unique knowledge platform, Responsum for CKD is a free app with multiple features. These include the Newsfeed, which is updated daily with new article summaries on kidney disease-related topics, and a community chat room, where users can share their experiences and advice with one another, as well as serve as a source of inspiration.

Responsum for CKD is made possible by financial support from Otsuka, whose mission is to offer quality resources to positively affect the lives of people who have been impacted by kidney disease. Otsuka does not own or control Responsum for CKD and does not influence the information or services provided. As part of our agreement, Responsum for CKD’s content—on the website, app, and newsfeed—is entirely independent of any influence or input from Otsuka or any other commercial interest.

We are committed to the total protection of our users’ data privacy, and we will never share, sell, or otherwise use any person’s identifiable data without their explicit permission. For additional information, our FAQ page has answers to important questions about privacy, security, and more.

We hope you find the Responsum for CKD platform and app helpful and look forward to your feedback! Please click here to share any questions, comments, or concerns with us.

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